We have a range of products and services available but we would like to listen to your needs and demands first. We take every project as a unique challenge as we understand that your audience and your work is unique. Below is a list of services we can provide. If you cannot see the exact service that fits your query or need, drop us a line and we will talk about it.

A Consult with social Media Expert
Are you curious about the use of social media in your work and do not know where to start? Talk to us today!
The first step is to know what exactly you want. If you know exactly what it is that you would like us to deliver, well and good. If not, we are here to chalk out what suits you or your organisation, business, nonprofit or charity the best as far as online fundraising and building a strong presence on the Internet is concerned. We have worked with all kinds and sizes of organisations including informal women groups. We have designed websites, trained staff and managed their social media portfolio where needed. Therefore, whatever your project is, and at whatever stage you are, we will make sure that you reach your goals in a much more efficient way.

Speaking Engagements
Would you like to hire our services for an online or offline event?
Please send us a mail with the subject line: “Request for Speaker” Make sure you include the specific topic, date, time and location of the event and the number of people you expect to attend the event. We will follow up with you as soon as possible. Please make sure you give us at least four to six weeks to plan.
Our working languages are English, Dutch and Urdu.
Citizen Journalism Trainings
Content Creation is one of the most important aspects of fundraising online for non profits and charities. Our citizen journalism program will take a look at your organisation’s needs, vision and mission and create a program which will help your organisation’s staff develop powerful stories. This will include introduction to blogging, microblogging, writing skills and styles, and equip them with content dissemination skills and community building and community engagement.
Not only will they become familiar with social media tools, but they will also learn about how to use these tools effectively to tell powerful stories using the digital media. Digital security is an important aspect of our citizen journalism training.
Online Presence Review
In order to build a strong online presence and create a social media strategy, your nonprofit needs to assess where you are standing today in relation to your organisation’s capacity and team’s potential. We will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses give you recommendations on how to address them. Our review report will have the outline of what is happening on your online realm and what is hindering you in achieving the goals and objectives.
Social Media Strategic Plans
Our social media strategy includes a preliminary study of how you are currently using any online tools and data management systems followed by a rigorous examination and exploration of possibilities that suit your needs best.
Our other services include:
Social Media Campaigns and Training
Content Marketing Plans
Social Media Mentoring and Training